Insurance Working Group

CFSI’s Insurance Working Group was established in 2016 to engage with and convene a subset of CFSI Network members and other key stakeholders to serve as intellectual partners in exploring how insurance can better serve the financially struggling in the U.S.

2017 Goals

  • In-person meetings at CFSI events (EMERGE and Network Summit) and potentially virtual meetings.
  • Members benefit from peer learning as they share findings from their own initiatives, products, and research.
  • Members will engage with and provide feedback on CFSI’s insurance research and analysis.
  • Members will be exposed to latest in insurance innovation.
  • Members will be able to network with other players working in the inclusive insurance space.
  • Members will be able to ideate on insurance products and services that benefit underserved consumers and apply CFSI Insurance research and insights within their organizations.

Membership Expectations

  • Each member contributes to the advancement of financial health through Insurance in their organization’s products, research and/or expertise, and is willing to share resources with the group.
  • Members attend working group meetings and contribute to discussions regularly.
  • The working group is made up of a diverse group of stakeholders in the Insurance space, mission-based organizations, and researchers. Membership is limited to approximately thirty members to ensure a focused, committed group.
  • Working group members have an equal voice in contributing to the agenda and discussion. Sponsorship does not elevate a member’s influence on the objectives or output of the working group.