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Over 160 like-minded organizations committed to creating the future of financial health. Together, our members reach over 200 million Americans, 80 million of which of low-to-moderate income, with innovative products that pave the way for financial health. Learn more about our collective impact.

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CFSI has outlined seven stages that can guide your company’s financial health journey. Starting at Orient, the iterative cycle will help you along your path to improve consumer financial health.



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Just a few recent examples of impact:

J.P. Morgan, Intuit Give Mint, TurboTax Customers Wider Access to Bank Data

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Intuit Inc. have entered into a new agreement to let the bank’s customers check account information on the technology firm’s sites without sharing their Chase passwords.

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Walmart, Green Dot See Quick Adoption of Savings Program

Walmart and Green Dot are helping prepaid cardholders shore up their finances through a prize-based savings program.

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Even raises $40M to transform the working class to the savings class

For Jon Schlossberg, CEO and co-founder of, improving the plight of ordinary Americans and their finances is a deeply personal and professional mission.

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Members get access to cutting-edge research, peer-to-peer best practices, and real time collaboration during our annual EMERGE Forum.

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What membership means

Our members are engaged in a joint effort to improve customers’ financial health through innovation. Here’s how we help along the journey:

  • Insight into what the marketplace needs through advanced consumer and industry research, fact-based advice and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Perspective based on our established reputation, decisive and respected voice on consumer financial needs and deep well of research and experience.
  • Connection by joining members together at the table of financial services innovation and thought leadership, where they can see and be seen by other leaders and influencers.

Member Quotes

My conversations with CFSI have tremendously influenced the way that I think about the issues and the can we use technology and other forms of processes to drive financial health.

Dan Schulman, CEO PayPal

The fact that this financial health initiative is something that regardless of whether it's credit union or bank or different types of organizations, we're all coming together. And we're learning. We're building. We're being creative. All of that's built upon this network which was set up for us.

Creighton Blackwell, VP of Corporate Affairs Coastal Federal Credit Union

CFSI has been invaluable to us. When I look back a lot of the vendors or partners that we work with, actually a lot of them were introduced by CFSI. There's a like-mindedness that occurs when CFSI makes that introduction.

Hamed Shahbazi, Chairman & CEO TIO Networks

In my view, if you’re in the financial services industry membership in CFSI network is essential. Associating our firm with CFSI has been very good for our brand.

Dan Wheeler, Esq., Partner Bryan Cave LLP

You can make good returns by making the world better, by making the country better, by making community stronger. CFSI has been an important strategic partner in that work.

Benjamin Jealous, Kapor Capital Partner and former President of NAACP

Don't innovate alone

The Working Groups of our CFSI Financial Health Network bring together Sustaining Members to:

  • learn from experienced peers
  • share knowledge
  • shape the industry
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What membership does not mean.

CFSI does not:

  • Endorse members or their products/ services.
  • Represent member interests with policymakers or regulators.
  • Extend the privilege of membership to organizations that seek the above as outcomes of membership. We reserve the right to decide which organizations belong in our Financial Health Network.
  • Members do not have any control over CFSI’s agenda, research, or any public policy positions CFSI may take.

Membership is by invitation only. Questions?

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