Financial Capability

Changing Behaviors to Build Financial Health

Financial capability involves a combination of knowledge, skill, and access.

What have we learned about #FinCap?

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Financially capable consumers possess:

  • the knowledge to manage financial resources effectively;
  • the skills to exercise behaviors that lead to financial health; and
  • access to high-quality financial products and services.
  • The results are that they are able to cover monthly expenses with income, track spending, plan ahead, and save for the future.

The Financial Capability Innovation Funds, managed by CFSI, support promising nonprofit-led projects designed to help consumers better manage their finances and achieve financial health. Through this project and more, CFSI has worked for years to support nonprofits, providing resources to help implement innovative behavioral strategies and learn about consumers struggling with financial health. We’ve created case studies and infographics to illustrate opportunity and progress nonprofits have made in product development.

See highlights from our work below:

Goodwill Industries International

Goodwill recognized that some of its employees faced significant financial challenges, so it set out to help build their financial skills.

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Opportunity Fund

Follow Opportunity Fund’s journey to build a successful matched savings program for their clients and the several iterations of their Start2Save program.

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New Market Development Initiative

profiles Identify three key markets and non-traditional financial service providers with potential to improve consumer financial health.

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The Future of #FinancialCapability

Citi Foundation and CFSI partnered to create this financial capability framework to help consumers meet their financial goals, shifting from purely financial education to behavior change.

The future of financial capability will be highly influenced by all of the rapid changes we are seeing in technology.

Financial Capability

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