John Thompson

Chief Program Officer

As Chief Program Officer, John is responsible for leading all of CFSI’s programmatic activity, including its research, consulting, innovation, network, and policy practices. This integrated group of strategies is designed to foster promising innovations that advance consumer financial health. The goal of aligning business model drivers with customer outcomes at scale is what brought John to CFSI.

John’s private sector career in financial services, technology, the humanities, and retail delivery have provided a broad range of experiences to draw from in addressing the multi-dimensional business issues of CFSI’s members and clients. The art and science of combining these inputs in the unique scenarios of each partner provide an endless source of inspiration.

Outside of CFSI, John spends his time making guitar and piano music, as well as playing any sport he can find. He lives in Kansas City with his wife Janette and his children, Darby, Lillian, and Holland. John earned a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Kansas.