Rob Levy

Vice President

Rob is a Vice President on the Program Team. He leads CFSI’s financial health initiative, strategically coordinating a multi-pronged effort to bring consumer financial health into the center of how companies do business. He also manages several external consulting projects, providing insights to help develop strategies and products that improve Americans’ financial health. Rob has spent most of his recent career at the intersection of business strategy, financial services, and economic inequality, and is passionate about how making small improvements in someone’s financial health can redound to all aspects of a person’s life, stress, and happiness.

Rob has previously worked in all three sectors: the private sector (at a FinTech startup), government (in the US Senate), and in the nonprofit sector (at CFSI and others). He weaves together these perspectives and experiences to solve problems for financially struggling consumers that serve mission and margin.

Rob earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor of Applied Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to his role at CFSI, Rob serves as Board President for Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, a mission-driven credit union that seeks to promote financial health for the predominantly immigrant communities of upper Manhattan. In his off hours, Rob can be found biking around Brooklyn, catching live funk shows from New York to New Orleans, or keeping things quiet at a meditation retreat.

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