Connecting to the Consumer Financial Experience (FinX) is an in-the-field workshop, training, or corporate event. It allows financial product designers to experience firsthand what the challenges and opportunities are in accessing financial services.

Learn how FinX brought policy professionals together to tap into consumer challenges.

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Learning consumer struggles by walking in their shoes

“It was a great experience, and made me think differently about tradeoffs between fees, convenience, and dignity.”

Paul Breloff CEO of Accion Venture Lab

“What I saw surprised me, even though I frequently write about financial services for the unbanked.”

Kevin Wack American Banker

“The challenge was simple, or so it seemed.”

Ariel Schwartz Fast Company

“To experience something from a different person’s perspective -- and to be placed in a position of vulnerability -- that’s really powerful.”

Ben Knelman Juntos Finanzas

“I applaud CFSI for going beyond just talking about consumer financial problems… to help really drive product design through action.”

Keith Armstrong

“When you are down to dollars and cents, frugality and timing are everything.”

Karen Durgans Former USFD Field Researcher

"Much More Than I Expected"

FinX participants achieve a deeper, more personal understanding of the trials consumers face outside of the banking system. In reflecting on it, Michael Cyr, Products and Services Manager of NOW Banking at Regions Bank, said it was both “exactly what I expected and so much more than I expected.”

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