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We identify key performance indicators and establish an evaluation plan to assess consumer impact and inform future product and strategy refinement.

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Business Case Development for Financial Health

Need a cost benefit analysis for incorporating financial health into your business practices? We will assess the qualitative and quantitative business impacts associated with promoting customer financial health. Moreover, we will map client success metrics to business case drivers for double-bottom line organizational strategy.

What We Offer for Employee Financial Wellness

Employee Financial Health Check-up

Roughly 85% of Americans are anxious about their financial lives, impacting their work, productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare costs. CFSI can help providers understand employees’ financial wellness by implementing a short questionnaire, illustrating the financial challenges your employees face, and providing a roadmap that works with your unique offerings to improve employee financial health over time.

Financial Wellness Benefits Audit

By examining your existing financial wellness program and benefits, CFSI will identify where your institution is well-positioned to provide enhanced financial health support to your employees—including opportunities to introduce new resources, innovators to copy or partner with, and ideas to implement from best-in-class examples around the country.