Together with our clients, we are creating new standards for what it means to deliver high-quality financial products for the benefit of consumers. ¬†We’re bringing new ideas to the marketplace and growing innovations ready to scale. Here are some examples of our impact.

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Business to Business Matchmaking

CFSI identifies visionaries and connects them with other innovative thinkers throughout our network and beyond. We excel at connecting fintech companies, vendors, and non-profits with banks, credit unions, and others.

Overdraft-Free Checking Accounts

We help develop innovative and transparently-priced checking accounts, designed for both customer and company success. We have a unique perspective on building accounts worth paying for.

Review of Start-up Strategies

We advise on start-up business strategies, including providing input on product quality, regulatory soundness, and overall sustainability. We're helping fintech companies understand how to be competitive in a complicated financial environment.

Opportunity Market Assessment

We performed an opportunity assessment for a regional credit union, exploring potential new services and products. The final recommendation, a prepaid card, is currently being rolled out as part of an underserved product suite. We help established organizations enter new markets.

Engaging Consumer Advocates

For an alternative data company, we convened consumer advocates to provide feedback on an existing product suite, and set them up for continued engagement between the parties. We provide a bridge between the financial services industry and consumer advocates -- and our voice shapes the conversation to balance profitability with consumer success.

Small-Dollar Credit

We have served as a strategic advisor to a several companies, including a Canadian credit union through the launch of its small-dollar credit offering. We are growing the marketplace for high-quality alternatives to payday loans.