Who we are

Designing Best Treatments for #FinHealth

"Your customers do not need a second opinion. What they need are the kinds of high quality products and services and advice that are going to help them on the road to financial health." - Jennifer Tescher, CFSI, President & CEO

Our Mission

Our work is deeply rooted in our mission to improve the financial health of Americans, and stories of our impact is what drives us to continue pushing for a deep partnership between innovators, providers, and consumers to increase the quality of products in the marketplace.

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Our Team

Meet the engine behind CFSI’s impact – a diverse group of thinkers, analysts, and communicators who lead our groundbreaking products and support our growth.

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Our Funders and Supporters

CFSI is thankful for the organizations and individuals who support us in our mission.

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Our Board of Directors

Meet the outstanding professionals and thought leaders who make up the CFSI Board of Directors.

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